Spring Update / Vinyl Selloff

Certainly has been a while since I’ve added anything to the blog…no interviews…no tour stories…last update was some shots from our recording time in California. Have had a few people contact me concerned that the blog was done, and I explained to them that I’ve had to put my focus towards Such Gold’s touring schedule, and the writing and recording of our first full-length. I’m happy to say now that with the record done and our spring tour schedule winding down a bit, I plan on getting some more content up here.

With that said, it should come to no-one’s surprise that I am still fucking absolutely broke thanks to Such Gold, and my only assets lie in my gear (all of which I use on tour…I don’t have a vast collection or anything) and my vinyl collection. It’s pretty rare that I delve into my vinyl when I need cash, but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s a list of everything I’m selling – lots of quality, rare shit here.

Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw – Split – LP – 1st Press – Brown /300 – Includes Daniel Fishel screen-print #’d 62/100
Blink-182 – Enema Of The State – LP – 2nd Press –  White/Red /500
Blink-182 – S/T – 2xLP – 1st Press – Pink/Green Swirl /500
Into It. Over It. / Such Gold – Split – 7″ – 1st Press – Black /100
ISHC – Takin’ It Ova – LP – 1st Press – Red/Blue Swirl /400
Minus The Bear – Planet Of Ice -2xLP – 1st Press – Clear w/Grey Splatter /500
Make Do And Mend / Touche Amore – Split – 7″ – 1st Press – Black – #’d 10/150 Sound & Fury 2010
Such Gold – Stand Tall  – 7″ – 1st Press – Green/White /250 – #’d 13/16 Sound & Fury 2010
Tigers Jaw – S/T – LP – 2nd Press – Orange /200
Tigers Jaw – Chemicals CMJ Flexi – 7″ – Clear /250?
Tigers Jaw – RFC Acoustic Series #2 – 7″ – 1st Press – Black /400
Touche Amore / La Dispute – Split – 7″ – 1st Press – Black – #’d 68/75 Sound & Fury 2010
Transit / Man Overboard – Split – 7″ – 1st Press – Clear Blue  /200
The Wonder Years – The Upsides – LP – 1st Press – Blue /200

All of these records will be on Ebay tonight – if you would like to make an offer on them before a bidding begins, please contact me via natederby[at]gmail[dot]com. You can view my items for sale here – if you also happen to be interested in obscure, collectable beer steins as well I have plenty of those on Ebay right now…but…chances are you’re not so disregard those. Thanks.


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