Interview: Tim Landers (Transit)

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Transit’s for years; I first discovered them with the release their debut EP, “Let It Out”. The record re-ignited my love of pop-punk and formed the creative spark that led me to write the very first Such Gold demos. When Such Gold began to take off and we started playing bigger and bigger shows in the Northeast, it came to no one’s surprise that we would run into and eventually become great friends with the guys in Transit. Over the last two years we’ve watched them grow into the band they are today. Tim was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me – here’s what he has to say about life in Stoneham, MA, the “Transit Curse” and the evolution of the band.

Can you introduce yourself a bit?
YO. My name is Tim Landers. I play guitar and do some vocally things in a band called Transit. I also sing and play guitar in a project called Misser. My favorite color is blue.

When did you start going to local shows? How is the scene in your hometown now, in comparison to then? 
I started going to local shows when I was around 11-12. I was always playing in music and started playing shows with bands in middle school. There used to be this really cool venue in Stoneham (my hometown) everyone knew as the “Stoneham White Church.” It never really was referred to as anything other than that. Probably because it was white, and a church, and in the town Stoneham. We used to always have shows there with tons of different bands – it was rad. Crime In Stereo, Polar Bear Club, the Dangerous Summer, the Carrier, and so many other bands played at various times. It was where Transit played all of our first shows- even when we didn’t have a singer. But the church started getting mad and wouldn’t let us have shows anymore- so there is literally NO venue is Stoneham and hasn’t been in probably 2 years. So hows the scene in my hometown now? Nonexistent. It’s kind of depressing.

How did music become such an important part of your life?
I don’t really like anything else, to be honest. I just always loved music growing up. I’m not really good at anything else and it’s pretty much the only thing I ever think about.

Have you played in any other bands before Transit? Describe your first tour.
I played in some shitty pop-punk bands, a few hardcore bands, and some random indie-ish stuff. My first tour was with Transit, though. It was us and Man Overboard sharing a van. The Wonder Years were on the tour, too. We all smoked so much weed that I don’t think any of us remember it.

What do you miss most about home, while on the road?
Pretty much nothing, other than being able to attend to my personal hygiene on a daily basis, and eating food that doesn’t suck. I miss playing basketball sometimes, too. And her. But I’d pick touring over home any day.

Do you feel that being a musician is something that you were “meant” to do? If so, when or how did you come to this realization?
If I believe that anything is “meant” to happen, which sometimes I do (but sometimes I don’t), then yes I probably was meant to do what I’m doing. I was probably like 9, haha.

Hardship and catastrophe are unavoidable while on tour – even for the biggest bands. Would you consider Transit to have “good” or “bad” luck on the road?
I’m gonna have to go with bad. Transit curse. Nothing ever pans out and shit always breaks. I still feel blessed everyday, though.

What are some records that you feel are essential to listen to while on tour?
Mock Orange – “Nines and Sixes”
Third Eye Blind – “S/T”
Osker – “Idle Will Kill”
Suicide File – “Some Mistakes…”

Have your friends and family always been supportive of your lifestyle?
Negative. I went to college (very briefly) and my friends wondered why I’d always leave on weekends to play shows. My family wanted me to stay in school and hated that I just wanted to tour. But as of late, since Transit kind of became a serious full time thing, they are supportive. It’s real cool.

What keeps you sane during a long tour?
Alcohol, McDonalds, and music.

Where are some of your favorite places to eat while on the road?
I’m down with whatever. I’m usually broke so I eat a lot of fast food. If I do have money, I try to locate the nearest burrito.

Transit was formed a few years ago, when you all were still teenagers. What are some ways the band, and yourself, have evolved since the beginning?
I feel like we grew up with our music. It’s kind of strange and hard to describe, but it’s there. As we all matured, so did our music. Or it’s pretty likely we’re all still immature, and only our music matured.

I know that many of the members listen to and identify with hardcore/punk music – ethically, do you consider the band to be a “hardcore” band?
I do not. There are some hardcore and punk elements to our music, more-so in the past than today, but that’s the extent of that.

Thanks for sharing with us, Tim – anything else you’d like to add?
You’re the man and I miss you guys. Thanks for having me.

Transit’s new LP, “Listen & Forgive” is now available for pre-order via Rise Records. Available everywhere October 4th, 2011.


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