An Introduction


Hey there – I’d like to introduce myself and this blog to the world. My name is Nate Derby – I play guitar and tour extensively with the Rochester, NY pop-punk/hardcore band Such Gold. I’m currently 22 years old, and have toured in bands on and off since 2005, with the bulk of my tour experience falling between 2008 – now. My experiences on the road have taught me a great deal about myself, my life, the lives of others, the world around us, and what it means to be a traveling musician. So far, music has allowed me to see the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Holland. I am very grateful for what music has allowed me to do and see.

In 2010 I had an idea to write a book about how to survive in a DIY touring punk/hardcore band; in 2008, a man much more qualified than myself, Martin Atkins, published a ~600 page book titled “Tour:Smart”, a definitive guide on being in a touring band. Obviously this shot down my idea almost entirely. In 2011 I revisited some of my ideas for the book and determined that I could rework and make use of some of them.

The primary inspiration for my book was the desire to provide help, insight, advice and essential information to young musicians about to hit the pavement – things that I wish I had been given when I was cutting my teeth on the road. I figured I could use my (limited) knowledge of touring life as well as input from some of the other DIY touring musicians I had met and shared experiences with to generate content for the book.

“Long Days, Long Nights” is the end result of my original idea. LDLN will feature tour stories, interviews, opinions, advice and more from myself and some of today’s best touring bands, independent touring musicians, and companies in the underground, DIY punk and hardcore communities across the world. The blog’s content will be directed towards listeners and enthusiasts of creative, interesting, heartfelt, genuine and passion-driven music, as well as the musicians and industry types who both make and desire to make such music.

-Nate Derby


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